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Coach Nick was born and raised in Miami, Florida. At the age of 2 and 4 he received swimming lessons from a very tall man named Thom McAnaney (he wasn’t know as Tall Thom yet). Just over ten years later Coach Nick went to practice golf at Kendale Lakes Golf and Country Club where he saw his friend Alex who introduced him to Scott. Scott and Coach Nick became fast friends. Eventually Scott told Coach Nick about working for Swim Miami owned by Thom McAnaney. (Scott later married Coach Nick’s sister, but that’s another story). In April, 1993 Coach Nick was hired by Swim Miami. Coach Nick worked for Tall Thom for six or more years. During that time Coach Nick served in vary-ing capacities including managing the pools, lifeguards, instructors, and camps. Coach Nick became Thom’s right hand man.

Tall Thom eventually closed Swim Miami and Coach Nick started doing his own lessons for select friends and family throughout the summer months while working different full time jobs and experiences. The call of the pool was too strong for Coach Nick!

Tall Thom and Coach Nick remained in touch seeing each other whenever Thom was in Miami. Coach Nick continued to expand his limited business and at the same time his precious family grew. Following the birth of his second child, Coach Nick decided to take the teaching of swimming more seriously. He retired from his job as a police officer, completed his degree at Barry University and began focusing solely on the teaching of swimming. Several years later, while preparing to board a cruise ship with his family, Coach Nick said to his wife, “Please remind me to call Thom when we return.. I need to talk to him.” On Monday, when they returned, Coach Nick turned on his cell phone and was surprised to hear a message from Tall Thom!

At that time Tall Thom shared with Coach Nick his plans to retire in a few years and was curious if Coach Nick was interested in taking over his business. Coach Nick and Tall Thom met, talked, and agreed that new chapters in their respective journeys would be written!

The year 2016 marks the first year Tall Thom will not be teaching swimming in a Miami pool since the 70’s. Although he will be missed, Coach Nick promises to carry on Tall Thom’s powerful tradition of teaching swimming skills and, equally as important, treating customers with the utmost care, respect, and love. Coach Nick fervently states:

It is my goal to carry on the legacy of my boss, brother, father figure, cool uncle, mentor, employee (sort of), and my friend Thom. He left an impression on me back in the 90’s, when I began working for him. Swim Miami planted a seed in my brain and a vision for my future. However, when Tall Thom closed his original swim business I thought the seed had died. For many years as previously mentioned I taught lessons on a limited basis. As my personal family grew my focus changed and that seed began to breathe again. When Tall Thom called me, I knew something great was coming before I even called him back. Since that call over three years ago I once again feel like I did when I was eighteen on the pool deck of Kendale Lakes Golf & Country Club. I am more focused than ever on nurturing that seed and watching it grow into a huge and healthy tree. I experience a special joy whenever I am in the pool teaching swimming. Whether I am getting a 12 month old to kick alone for the first time, helping a special needs child believe in themselves, or taking an excellent swimmer to the next level, I am in my element. I was put on this planet to do this work and at the same time blessed to do it in the sunshine and in a pool!