What do the classes consist of? What happens during these 5 or 10 days?

Classes consist of either 1 on 1 or group training for 30 minutes each day Monday – Friday. These classes begin as early as 6 months old (sometimes earlier) and we have no age limitation. Our individual program is one week (5 consecutive days). The group program is a minimum of 3 maximum of 5 students per instructor and is two weeks (10 days). In both private and group classes, the instructor will gauge the student’s skill level and determine when and how to advance. Our program is based on 10 levels from a beginning swimmer through the preparation for competitive swimming at any age. Whether it is 1 on 1 training or in a group, we will work to get the best out of our students while guiding them through our 10 level program. We will work to combine the right amount of tenderness and toughness for each student to ensure progression and fun each week in the pool.

  • Beginning / Novice Swimmers – The instructor will spend most of the time working on jumps to the wall and swims from the instructor to the wall. The ability to turn around, find the wall, and then grab it is a high priority. Kicking and head positioning are the main keys and focus for the swimming aspect. The instructor will spend some time resting your child too. This time serves two valuable purposes. The first being your child gets some much needed rest between sets. We do not believe overworking your child is the answer. The instructor also spends some of the rest time talking and listening to your child. Getting to know their likes and dislikes really helps when trying to motivate our students.
  • Advanced / Adult Swimmers – The instructor will teach the student stroke perfection and new strokes. We progress starting with freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breast-stroke, and some survival strokes. If the student shows a greater interest or skill in a specific stroke, the instructor will probably spend more time in that area.

What can I expect my child to do once the week is finished?

The end of the week depends on each student; however, you can expect a minimum of jumping into the pool and finding the wall and a short swim from the instructor to the wall. We give certificates at the end of each program. This certificate shows the progression the child has made and the future progression and focus of future lessons. For a more detailed description of of each class, visit our Program Info page.

How much do the classes cost?

Private Home Lessons

  • First week of lessons or first student: $275.00
  • Second week of lessons or second student: $250.00
  • Third week of lessons and all subsequent lessons or students: $225.00


Kendale Lakes Pool or Cocoa Beach Pool

  • Coach Nick or Manny: $180.00
  • All other coaches: $155.00


How do I schedule a lesson?

  • Call the office at 304-456-0518 or email ttssmiami@gmail.com
  • Office personnel will arrange a date, time, location and available instructor.
  • Once lesson is scheduled a $100 DEPOSIT is due for each lesson (per student per week) to secure your spot. We accept credit cards or checks as payment. We must receive the deposit within one week of booking class. Checks can be made out to and mailed to: TTSS Miami, 210 Seaview Drive #412, Key Biscayne, Florida 33149

Make sure to write the student(s)’ name and date(s) of the lesson on the deposit check. If we do not receive your deposit within one week of booking your class, your time slot may be given to someone else. Credit card payments can be taken over the phone or via the website. We accept Visa / MasterCard / Discover

When do I pay the balance?

  • Have cash or check (made payable to: TTSS Miami) ready for the instructor on the first day of class.
  • You can also call our office and pay via credit card.

What if it rains or we miss class? Are there make-ups?

Call if you think weather may be an issue. We do lessons in the rain; however, if we feel there is lightning in the area we will get out of the pool and may have to cancel a lesson. If you are uncomfortable with getting into the water, we understand and will do whatever we can to make up the class.

  • If the student gets sick, we will make up any of those classes or try to reschedule the lesson for a future date.
  • There are make ups for multiple reasons. If we cancel the class, it will be made up the last Saturday of each month.
  • We do our best to accommodate our customers; however, we expect our customers to maintain an honest realistic view of the situation.

Should I tip / give a gift to my instructor?

This is entirely up to you. Our instructors are paid well for their services and are trained and highly encouraged to maintain the upmost professionalism and care for all of our students. If you feel your instructor went above and beyond our goal of not only doing our job, but amazing you; please feel free to show your further appreciation in a tip or a gift. One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to request your instructor whenever you re-book with us.