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Our program is divided into two main areas: Private and Group Classes. The private lessons are 5 straight days of classes, Monday – Friday, 30 minutes each day. These classes begin at 6 months of age and have no limit in age. Group classes are also 30 minutes each day; however, groups are 10 classes or 2 weeks long.

Private Swim Lessons

Monday – Friday: 30 minutes each day, 5 consecutive days, 1 on 1 instruction


Private lessons can begin as early as 6 months old and there is no age limit. The instructor gauges the student’s skill level and determines when and how to advance. If the student is not a swimmer or in the beginning stages of learning how to swim, the instructor will concentrate working on jumping into the pool and returning to the wall and swimming from the instructor to the wall. The student’s ability to turn around, find the wall, and grab it is a high priority. Kicking and head positioning are the main keys for swimming and will be the focus for the student. The instructor will rest your child. This will serve two valuable purposes. First, your child gets some much needed rest between sets. We do not believe overworking your child is the answer. Second, the instructor spends some of this rest time talking and listening to your child. Getting to know their likes and dislikes helps the in-structor when trying to motivate. For the student who is a swimmer, the instructor will teach the student stroke perfection as well as new strokes. The progression is as follows freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breast-stroke, and even survival strokes. The advancement throughout the week varies with each student.

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Group Swim Lessons

Monday – Friday, 30 minutes each day, 2 weeks (10 days), 3-5 students per instructor.


Main Season: April – August
Early season: February – March
Continuing Ed: September – November
Off Season: December – January


Mommy and Me

Designed to have a parent (or designated adult) in the pool with the child for all classes. The focus is on introducing your child to the pool and swimming as well as giving you basic tools to help your child along the way, and for use after the classes are completed.

Tadpoles (6 – 24 months old): These classes introduce swimming and jumping at a slow pace. There is limited underwater activity the first week and minimal underwater the second week. If a child advances quickly, we will encourage and guide the parent to help the child.

Guppies (18 – 36 months old): These are similar to Tadpoles. This group goes underwater sooner, more often, and advances more quickly.


Standard Group Lessons

These swim classes have 3-5 students per instructor. Group classes are designed to have similarly skilled and aged students in the same group. This allows all of the students to accomplish more skill work per class. All of the standard group lessons require some knowledge of the water, safety, and swimming. At a minimum, each student must be able to independently swim 10 – 15 feet with head underwater and have some arm movement. If the student had prior TTSS lessons, TTSS level 3 is the minimum requirement.

Seahorses (4 -6 year olds / Level 3 – 5): Students must be comfortable in the water and be able to independently swim 10 – 15 feet with head underwater and have some arm movement. The focus is to improve basic swimming and survival skills. Freestyle is the main stroke focus; however, it is possible students can advance to Backstroke or Butterfly. Students will also learn to jump out into the pool and swim to the instructor along with learning to dive to the bottom.

Orcas (5 – 8 year olds / Level 3 – 5): This class is designed for the older student who is getting a late start on learning to swim. This group takes the same approach as the Seahorses.

Manta-Rays (9+ year olds / Level 3 – 5): This class is designed like the Orcas.

Porpoises (5 – 8 year olds / Level 5 – 8): Students must have a strong Freestyle and a general knowledge of the 3 other competitive strokes. The main focus is to strengthen the skill level of each stroke as well as the student’s physical strength and endurance.

Cudas (9+ year olds / Level 7+): This class is designed as an introduction to competitive swimming. The focus is on perfecting each stroke while increasing strength and endurance.


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