After celebrating my daughter’s first birthday, my husband and I were discussing swimming lessons. Our biggest concern was to teach our daughter water safety and survival skills. We started to do research and asked around for recommendations. The same name kept coming up…Coach Nick.

The amount of care and patience Coach Nick displayed with our one year old daughter was remarkable. She learned how to stay calm in the water and established the initial confidence it takes to master water activities. The following summer we enrolled both our kids with Coach Nick.  Our, now two year old daughter and 9 month old son, were taking lessons.

As the years have gone by we have continued to take lessons with Coach Nick and his team.  We are proud to say our kids are very well prepared, physically and mentally for any situation they may encounter in the water.

-Jacqueline Bustillo

Nick was able to gain both of my kids confidence within the very first class.  He coached my oldest son for 2 years and my youngest son we are on our second year and the results are just amazing. One of my biggest fears as a parent is the swimming pool and Nick has taught my kids how important water safety is in case that an unfortunate event would happen. They have both learned how to swim across the pool in less than five private lessons. He listens to clients and their parents, in my case. No kid is a challenge and he tells me that no adult is either.

-Jamie B. Sackett

Our working relationship with TTSS began seven years ago when TTSS’ founder, “Tall Thom” McAneney, began advertising his swim school in our newsletter. Since Nicholas Bevilacqua {“Coach Nick”} acquired the business a few years ago, our teams have worked closely to enhance TTSS’ marketing strategy. All along the way, TTSS has remained one of our most valued clients.

There is another reason our team at JAB places so much value on our relationship with TTSS: personal experience. Both of JAB’s principals, Boo Zamek and Elizabeth Vargas, hired TTSS to teach our own children to swim. We were both blown away at how quickly the children learned to swim, safely and happily. My children went from non-swimmers, to swimming across the entire pool solo in only three lessons. The techniques they apply simply WORK, which is critical to the safety of any child in South Florida. This gives parents comfort and peace of mind.

-Province (Boo) Zamek

We cannot say enough good things about Tall Thom’s Swim School! My daughter Hannah had a very negative experience with previous swim instructors and was really uncomfortable in the water…..until we found Tall Thom’s Swim School. I was amazed by her progress and by the end of week three she was able to swim the entire length of our pool – 35ft!! Thank you to Coach Matthew, Coach Manny and Coach Nick – you are simply the best!!! If anyone out there is look for swim lessons for their kids, do not look any further!! These guys are awesome!

-Sally Kirkwood

Thank you, Tall Thom ! You have been such a great constant figure in our son’s life! We will always fondly remember all the valuable lessons that you taught us! Who know? We may have a mini Michael Phelps on our hands thanks to you.

-Aymee Z.